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Were we left of… AGAIN! (And Again!)
May finally enter the contest. May actually shrank her breasts a little, but they grew back a little. At the contest she falls into a hole that mysteriously opened there. A man with a remote started growing her breasts, at the click of a button. May happened to escape, with the remote to. Now going back into her room in the Pokemon center…

May, with her dislike of the big breasts she used to have, is about to have some fun. May set her breast size to 15. She giggled. Ash started to walk in. May shrank her breasts back and hid the remote. “Hey! We’re gona battle Flannery today!” Said Ash. “You seem to be… Uh, back to normal,” he said. “About what?” May lied. “Ah, never mind”. May and the others walked over to the gym. There was one room, a door to the bathroom, a random door, 4 seats, a field, and a big stand. Flannery walked in through the random door in the back. “Sorry, I needed a little time. I’m ready now!” she said. May had the remote in her pocket. May “went to the bathroom”. She left the door open a little. “Alright, time to do this!” she whispered. She set breast size to 20 and pointed it to Flannery. She saw her breasts grow. She swayed in a circle, and her breasts bounced with her body. May tested out the other 3 unmarked buttons. They did nothing. Finally she pressed them all at once. A secret compartment came out having 3 extra options. Pokemon, butt size, and age. Every one had a screen next to it. May was going to have a little fun of her own, with her OWN body. She set age to 19 and pointed the remote at her. Her stomach thinned, breasts grew, butt adjusted, and grew taller. “This beats what I’ve been through!” she said. “You know what,”. May changed Flannery’s breast size to 0 and put it on keep growing. May was laughing herself dead. “Alright that’s enough” she said. She set Flannery’s breast size to 10, she guessed and turned off keep growing. “Ah… that was a laugh. Time for me,”. The remote did not respond. “Uh, you can work,” she said. It appeared that the remote was out of batteries. “I can’t look like this!” May said. May walked out of the bathroom, acting as nothing happened. May shoved the remote in her pocket. May sat down. It was now Ash’s corphish vs. slugma. “Use ice beam!” Ash said. “Acid armor!” Flannery responded. The ice beam bounced right off slugma… headed for May! May got hit straight on with the ice beam. May was completely cold now. “Torchic come out!” she said, “Heat me up.”. Torchic responded with an ember. The ice on May’s body was now cold water. “Oh no,” she said. May’s breasts started growing. Brock noticed. “Uh, do you have to go?” he said. May ran out of the gym. May’s clothes were barley holding on. She jumped right into the hot springs. Even thought her breasts stopped growing there were tons of rips in her shirt. May remembered about the remote. “Uh oh,” she said. “I gota get this fixed!”. Following that may sent the remote to the company marked on it and went to the store to buy new clothes for her new 19 year old body. (:
Finaly, part 4 is DONE! This is the last chapter but it will link to the next story.
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powerdude123456789 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
Part 5 please :)
shadowlugia07 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008
i reckon you did a pretty good job. try and fit in some spare time though so you can write in more paragraphs ok? good work.
DP770 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2008
Poor Flannery because May love to picking on her. XDD Good job.
redacegod350 Featured By Owner May 11, 2008
That was getting interesting :D Great story :thumbsup:
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